We The People Bahamas 

We The People is an organization dedicated through the participation of the collective of Bahamian citizens and residents to use every possible means to originate, advocate and promote actions that will build and advance the progressive development of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas and its people. 
The NIB National Prescription Drug Plan

This is the official website for The National Prescription Drug Plan administered by the National Insurance Board of The Bahamas. This organization is responsible for the creation, management, and operations of the country's prescription drug plan benefits program.
The Bahamas Olympic Committee

This is the official website for The Bahamas Olympic Committee (BOC). The BOC is the internationally recognized governing body for all Olympic sports in The Bahamas.
Master Technicians

Master Technicians is a leading retailer of home and office appliance and electronics in The Bahamas. The company has been in business for over 45 years, and prides itself on providing the industry's best products and services to its customers.  
The National Insurance Board of The Bahamas  

This is the official website for The National Insurance Board of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas, the government agency responsible for managing all social services and medical benefits programs in the country.

This is the official website of FineThreads a leading retailer of fashionable men's clothing and accessories.
The Bahamas Chamber of Commerce  

This is the official web site of the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce. It is eCommerce enabled, and provides secure member access. 
Best Buy Furniture 

Best Buy Furniture is a leading retailer of home and office furniture in the Bahamas. The company offers a variety of styles, manufacturers, and colors to meet the decorating needs of any home or office. 
Arawak Homes

This is the official web site for Arawak Homes Ltd, a leading provider of affordable and custom built homes in The Bahamas. Arawak Homes is one of the oldest and most respected home builders in The Bahamas.

Financial Services Company offering investment and wealth management services.
 Bloomfield Investment Club  

Financial Services company offering real-time stock quotes and Level II data subscription services – eCommerce enabled website.
 The Bahamas National Commission for

 Official web site for the Bahamas National Commission for  UNESCO.
 Small Island States Foundation  

 Official web site of the Small Island States Foundation, and  Bahamian based international foundation focused on development issues specific to small island states
 Islands of the World Fashion Week  

 Official site of the Islands of the World Fashion Week an international fashion event that features designers from island nations. This site is eCommerce enabled.
 National Art Gallery of the Bahamas  

Official web site of the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas.
 Organizational Soul  

Official web site for Organizational Soul, an organizational development consulting and professional services firm.