PageTypes is an integrated Content Management System (CMS) that allows for the management of virtually any type of content on a website developed by IBS. This innovative CMS allows each of our customers to change the content on their websites as frequently as they wish without the need need for any technical assistance from IBS.  If the client can use MS Word, or PowerPoint then this is all the skill and extertise that is needed to manage their web content using the PageTypes CMS.

When IBS develops a custom website for a Client, we make sure that we provide the Client with an associated content management module on the PageTypes Administrative Console to allow for interactive and efficient content management. PageTypes also has available several standard functional modules that can also be deployed as part of the Client's website function provided these meet their requirements.

At IBS our goal is to design and develop a custom website or web application that meets the specific needs of our Clients, and then leverage capabilities of PageTypes to empower the Client to manage their content as and how they see fit.