Online Marketing

Online Marketing: Today every company with a web presence is focused on driving more prospective customers to their websites and retaining the customers they do have.  Many companies are working to achieve these objectives by employing various online marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) solutions and techniques. 

Search Engine Optimization: IBS provides integrated solutions to manage MetaTags in the form of MetaDescrioptions and MetaKeywords for each web page that is created for every client's web site.  The client can edit this MetaTag data as they determine in ordere to gain maximum exposure and relevance with the various search engines. 

Online marketing is key to strengthening the relationships betweena company and its customers. IBS can integrate email subscription and newsletter management functionality from some of the leading onlline marketing solutions, with the client's web site to allow for seamless communications with their customers.  Our online marketing solutions allows the client to communicate effectively with their customers on an hourly daily or weekly basis, or with whatever frequency that is required.